Creative Devices

  1. Hanging Orb. The dominant creative device in this photo is focus. By focusing my camera on the hanging it blurred the background, drawing the viewers’ attention to the glass ball which is the focal point of the photo. The focus is also what creates the aesthetically pleasing feel of the photo. There really aren’t any other creative devices that are prominent enough to acknowledge.
  2. Flower Pool. I feel like the dominant creative device in this photo is color because of the way the yellow and red pedals just pop. The bright colors draw the viewers’ attention to the focal point of the photo, those magnificent pedals. I think the contrast of colors makes the photo quite aesthetically pleasing. A secondary device that should also be mentioned is the texture of the visible water. It really makes you look closer at the intricate beauty of the photo.
  3. Moist Leaves. The obvious dominant creative device in this photo is texture; from the water on the leaves. I feel as though the picture would be quite drab if it were not for the water droplets sitting so elegantly on the leaves, which are the focal point of the photo. The texture of the water on leaves is always going to be aesthetically pleasing, as long as the photo is in focus. For me, there isn’t a secondary creative device that draws my attention.
  4. Bowl of Rocks. I really enjoy this photo, but I had tough time deciding what the dominant creative device is. I settled on establishing size because it is such a close-up of the pot you can’t really tell how small it is without the grates of the table in the background. It draws the viewers’ attention because it makes you look twice at how small the plant and rocks truly are, and for me this is also what makes it aesthetically pleasing. Texture is also a very evident creative device used in this photo, from the edge of the pot to the rocks to the water glistening so gently between the rocks; they all add up to a very aesthetically pleasing photo.
  5. Amina: Queen of Sunshine.The dominant creative device I was going for in this photo was rule of thirds. I know it’s hard to tell but the photo is vertically divided into thirds. The shadow line along Amina’s face is one of the division and the corner of the wall is the other. My hope was too draw attention to Amina, the focal point of the photo, and I think it worked because the shadow line on her face draws your eyes right to her. I think the other division, the corner of the wall, is what makes this photo aesthetically pleasing because if that were cropped the photo would look awkward. I didn’t feel like there were any other notable creative devices at play.

Nothing really surprised me about this assignment, however I do wish I had taken more varied photos. By that I mean more photos at different times of day, like actual sunset or sunrise, and more outside shots instead of only indoor venues.

Blog Post One

After looking at past students’ blogs and the syllabus, I’m beginning to notice that most of what we are covering I already know a fair amount about. Since I’ve had to change advisors multiple times, I’ve already taken classes that go more in depth with almost every subject we are planning to cover this semester, but somehow was not ever told that I needed to take this class. However, I’m looking forward to getting a refresher on a lot of these things, specifically audio and video editing. One thing I’m anticipating really taking away from this class is the photography unit because that is one form of media I haven’t had a whole lot of experience with. The other thing I’m expecting to learn in this class is information visualization. Besides those two things, I’ve taken classes that covered reporting, interviewing, AP style and video and audio production. I do think it’s going to be helpful for me to go back over all of these topics, however.

Since I grew up in Laramie and have spent a vast majority of my life in the outdoors, I want my blog to focus on things related to the outdoors in Wyoming and Colorado. Not just activities like skiing and hiking, but things like conservation as well. People and events I want to cover during the semester are coordinators and staff at the outdoor program and any events they are putting on for students. I would also like to cover things going on around the community, such as downtown events and stores. Along with that I want to do maybe profiles of local outdoors enthusiasts who have roots in Laramie. I also really would like to look at things that are threatening some of these outdoor activities, like climate change and skiing. I plan on taking photos to accompany everything I cover as well. One, because I want to have a visual aesthetic to my blog, but also because I want to improve my photography skills.