Double Dubs Promo Video

For my final assignment I was tasked with video storytelling from either a journalistic or promotional perspective. I chose to go the promotional route because there are so many small businesses in Laramie that could use promotion. Double Dubs is a locally owned wing truck with a variety of spicy, and mild, sauces to choose from. Double Dubs’ owner Trent Weitzel is a Laramie native who began making wings for the love of wings and eventually decided to turn it into a career with Double Dubs. And what goes better with chicken wings than bowling? Not much. Thats why every Tuesday Double Dubs’ serves at the Laramie Lanes where the video was filmed.

I enjoyed everything about the experience of filming this. From the actual filming, to editing, to brainstorming prior, I enjoyed every bit of this assignment. Since there was less pressure to put out a flawless video, I was able to be more creative and have more fun with my shots and specific edits.

I have taken several filming and editing classes prior to this, so there was nothing that really surprised me about this assignment. I do wish my partner and I would have had a little more time to shoot and edit because we had some really great ideas but just not quite enough time to pull off everything we wanted.

I imagine I will be using video editing this summer while working with a local band Not My Weekend. Since the band plans on keeping a tour vlog, I will be responsible for filming a lot of shows and “behind the scenes” footage, as well as helping with editing and posting.

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