Tour Life: Noah Hammontree

Noah Hammontree is the drummer for local pop-punk band Not My Weekend. Not My Weekend recently finished their second tour of 2019.

This was not my first time interviewing someone with a recorder because as a sportswriter for the Branding Iron I used to use a recorder for every interview to make sure I was properly quoting athletes and staff. However, this was my first time doing a recorded interview with a close about a subject I am very interested in, so that was exciting for me to do.

In terms of editing the audio I did not struggle too much with the actual task of editing because I used GarageBand which is very user friendly. My biggest complaint from editing is just listening the same sentences, words and even syllables over and over again. There were definitely times I had to walk away from working on the project due to frustration. All in all, I did enjoy the process of editing and I’m glad I finally had to do something like this for a class I think this knowledge will directly lay over into a career.

            I wanted the photo to capture the essence of Noah’s personality, but I also wanted it to capture the setting of the interview. We were in the sunroom of my house because it has good acoustics. It was a warm sunny day so I wanted the light in the photo and Noah is a really upbeat person and eccentric character so I wanted that to be evident in the photo, and I think it is.

            Nothing really surprised me about this assignment, I think I just really underestimated how long the editing process can take. Which leads me into what I wish I had done better, given my myself more time to edit. I was sick all week and could barely do anything, so I just wish I had done my interview and began editing much sooner than I did. Otherwise everything else about this assignment has gone rather smoothly.

            At the end of this assignment I felt a lot more confident in my audio editing capabilities, even though I’m far from perfect. I think it is very helpful information in this day and age in journalism because radio is still a fairly prominent news source for people. But I think the more relevant audio news source that people are using more and more frequently is podcasts. If I end up working at one of the more major news corporations in the world, I would hope to be involved in some way with their podcast, because every major news outlet has one.

For more info and tour dates go to:

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