Live Tweet: Comedian Jaboukie Young-White

For my live tweeting assignment, I initially thought I was going to live tweet a concert from Rec Rocks, but due to certain circumstances I instead covered a comedy stand-up at the Union Gardens. The comedian was Jaboukie Young-White, a correspondent on the Daily Show and writer for Netflix series such as Big Mouth and American Vandal. Jaboukie performed at The Gardens last Wednesday April 17, to see the live tweets follow my Twitter: @AustinWiseman20

            I chose to take a journalistic approach for this event because I felt it would make more sense than a public relations approach because I am a third party and not directly tied to Jaboukie Young-White and his branding. That and the fact that I would like to be a journalist are what lead to my preferred approach.

            What I enjoyed about live tweeting Jaboukie’s stand-up was getting to see a famous comedian and feel like a part of it. Since I made the twitter account for the assignment, I did not have any interaction with my tweets but I felt like it was really good practice for something I will most likely have to do at some point in my career. One thing I did not like about live tweeting this event in particular was missing some of the jokes because I was preoccupied composing tweets.

            Something I learned from this assignment is to listen carefully when you are live tweeting events for names of important participants, such as openers or surprise guests. I was surprised by how naturally tweets come to your mind when you don’t focus on what to tweet, but you focus on what is happening and just tweet your thoughts and feelings as they happen. One thing I wish I would have done better for this event was get better pictures, but it was hard to move around The Gardens when it is full so I had to work with the angle I had.

            I worked as a sportswriter at the Branding Iron and we used to live tweet Basketball and Football games, and I imagine if I were to pursue a career as a writer for any news outlet I would be live tweeting certain events.

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